International Scientific Conference of University of Latvia 2019

Geodynamics and Geospatial research

Präsentationen unserer laufenden Forschungs- und Entwicklungsarbeit am 21. März 2019 an der University of Latvia, Riga:

  • Diekert, J.: "NAVKA/PREGON-X - LowCost GNSS & GNSS Raw Data Algorithms for a Robust Multisensor Navigation, Positioning and Georeferencing with Smartphones"
  • Almagboul, M: "NAVKA/PREGON-X - Theoretical and Practical Elaboration & Implementation on a GNSS/MEMS/Optical/Laser based Object Georeferencing with Smartphones"
  • Janugade, S.: "NAVKA/PREGON-X - Development of Different Hardware Variants for a GNSS/MEMS/Optics/Laser based Positiong and Georeferencing with Smartphones"

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